Follow the main character, listen to her thoughts and get to know Moscow!
Увидеть Москву по-новому
Единственный экспириенс, объединивший театр и экскурсионную прогулку по Москве
Саунд-дизайн как в кино, бинауральный (3D) звук. Голоса дубляжа голливудских звезд
Отключиться от повседневности
Being |
Unusual genre
Sonic introduction to Russian culture
One-of-a-kind experience which combines a theatre play and a sightseeing tour
Cinematic sound design with a binaural twist (3D sound experience)
Russian Case 2020
The Golden Mask National Theatre Award and Festival
The best walk around Moscow
Laureate of Polar Star 19' professional competition for Moscow companies in tourism
по Москве
Have you ever wondered, how you would see the world, if you belonged to a different culture? What peculiar similarities and unexpected differences would you discover? In this case, does the enigmatic 'Russian soul' really exist? To discover these answers, we invite you to follow Sasha — a Russian girl and a main character of Invisible Moscow. Let her voice narrate a simple walk and for a short while make your eyes her eyes and make her stories into your memories.

Invisible Moscow is a performative journey for 25 people. It is a site-specific walk for those who find themselves confined inside of a tour bus. It lifts the curtain on the actually important and thus hidden landmarks in only 100 minutes. It is an experience to impress the first-timers and to surprise the frequent guests.

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Just put on your headphones and follow the heroine. Her voice will guide you through the most well-designed stage set — the streets of Moscow. Feel free to observe, eavesdrop, and play with the surroundings (we won't tell anyone, promise)!
To be immersed means to be in-sync with oneself, not the others.
We have decided not to include reviews and testimonials, so you can form your own unbiased opinion, no expectations attached.
Are you a Moscow frequenter or a first-time guest?
When in a new location, do you go to soak in the city architecture or the local cuisine?
Do you prefer to have a solitary experience or a social exchange?
Are you an intellectual city explorer or a sensuous one?
100 минут в мыслях другого человека или 100 минут с самим собой
Практика иностранных языков или легкая прогулка
An unusual route to discover the famous landmarks or a hunt for hidden treasures?
You are the only director of the journey you are about to embark on.
100 minutes inside of a Russian person's mind or a 100-minute rendezvous with yourself?
An adventure for one or a multi-lingual experience for an international group?
To be a spectator, or a participant? An insider or a guest? The choice is always yours.
Minimum number of people in a group for a performance
What if I buy a ticket and the group for the selected date and time will be less than 15 people?
The minimum number of people in a group for showing the performance of Invisible Moscow is at least 15 people. If the group is not recruited, our manager will contact you.
Possible solutions are:
  • to choose an alternative date and time for the performance;
  • to get your money back.
      Can I return my ticket?
      Yes, but no later than 3 days before the event. You may return your e-ticket in the following cases:
      • Event cancellation;
      • The original event was replaced with a different one;
      • The event was postponed or rescheduled.
      If you would like to return your ticket or have further questions regarding our return policy, please contact our manager at +7 (926) 583-94-47 or via email at
        Can I exchange my ticket for a different day?
        It is possible, but only if there are spaces available for the date you would like your ticket exchanged. Please contact our manager regarding the exchange at +7 (926) 583-94-47 or via email at
          Can I book a private event for my friends or organization?
          You most definitely should! We have special deals available for our corporate clients. Please get in touch for more details and booking options at
          Where do the event starts?
          We start on the 1 st line of the 1 st floor* of the GUM shopping mall (3, Red Square). The nearest entrance is located on Ilyinka street.
          * Please bear in mind that we don't do ground floors in Russia.
          Where is the end location of the event?
          Our route ends near Taganskaya metro station (7 minutes walk). In order to preserve the plotline we do not disclose the precise location.
          What is the event duration?
          Every tour is 100 minutes long.
          Can I participate in the Invisible Moscow tour with a small baby, a baby in a stroller, a person in a wheelchair? Can I participate, if I a an elderly person or a pregnant woman?
          When considering booking a ticket, please take into account that the event is a 100-minute tour with a reasonably fast walking pace, which involves going up and down the stairs. If you have a small baby in a shoulder cloth, please be prepared to carry him/her/them for the above stated time. Unfortunately, the route is not suitable for strollers and wheelchair users. If you are an elderly person or a pregnant woman, it is up to you to assess your health and fitness abilities. In our opinion, there are no counter indications, however if in doubt, always ask your General Practitioner.
          Can I purchase a ticket for a date/time that is unavailable, or not displayed in the schedule?
          The tickets can be purchased only for the displayed time slots on the grounds of availability. If you cannot find a date/time you are looking for, it is probably sold out. The good news is – there are always more available events to choose from!
          Can I choose a specific language?
          Invisible Moscow tours are available in Russian, English, French, German and Spanish. When choosing a tour, please check the date and time section to find out the event language. Please note that you cannot pick a language when you arrive to the starting location.
          Are we going to walk or run during the walk?
          During the event we generally walk with a varying pace.
          Is it going to be scary?
          Don't worry, there is absolutely no spooky content in our tours.
          Can I buy a ticket right before the event?
          You can purchase a ticket no later than 45 minutes before the event's scheduled start time from our GUM desk administrator (for the location details please refer to question 4).
          What if there is bad weather (ex. rain, temperature drop)?
          We generally do not cancel events due to weather conditions. Invisible Moscow can be held in rain, in which case we supply each of our participants with a branded silver raincoat. If there is a meteorological emergency, we will notify the participants and reschedule the tour.
          Do I have to print out my ticket?
          No, you can use your mobile device.
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